Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"my busiest month and good one too..."

dear people of unknown (lol),

Sorry for not blogging for the past 2 weeks (plus?). I've been extremely busy with works and all. Exams are coming up and I have to do my research. I miss reading interesting blogs and I love to drop my comments on your what ever topic you guys are blogging about. And please don't think that I'm leaving the blogging atmosphere, cuz I have much to bitch about after putting up all the puzzles. If you'd linked me in your blogs, don't delete me please....(haha).

What I've been doin for the couple of weeks:
1. Research research
2. Explainin a friend of mine that pain is love
3. More works
4. Tryin to get her attention
5. and I'm in love..(:p)

I'll get back to you when I'm freakin done with everything...

Oh, if you girls are bored with your life...head to anonymuis. She's funny. haha

Catch you guys later....


Saturday, August 05, 2006

"checking emails..."

Recently, I've been receiving alot of spams in my inbox and junk email. Some were really funny and some were too annoying. And I hate all of them. Those craps are whoring my inbox. Here's one of them:

----- Original Message -----
From: Jeff Henry
Sent: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 13:13:51 -0800
Subject: Hi my name is Svetlana..

Hello my name is Svetlana,

I am a fun loving, attractive, intelegent, russian woman. I will be in the USA for 12 months on business.
I really enjoy meeting new people it's so exciting. I recieve free air fares so I travel quite often.
I am looking forward to your reply. Reply to my personal email only please. By the way, I
saw your profile and luved it. My personal email is nicest@getawayz.net
I will reply back with a picture, Promise. ttyl..,


My reply?....FUCK OFF!

Shit, since when a russian babe saw my profile? Seriously, I received alot of mesages like that. Some even included their windows live messenger screen names. Damn those people.

Friday, August 04, 2006

"busy in horror ville..."

ehm, new template. I hope this won't be as fucked up as the other one when browsing using firefox. I was thinking of designing my own template but those codes are killing me. The only time that I managed to design a whole website was when I took the web design class 4 years ago and now the talent and my patient in typing long codes are gone already. We'll see how in the future. I'm gonna be very busy for the whole 2 weeks from now and I won't be able to blog for a while, but I'll drop comments on the blogs that I read.

Anyway, here's a painting that I did a couple of days ago and I call it "Violence In Jerry Springer". That show is really stupid and funny.

I got the idea after watching some punching and kicking in that show. If you never watch it before, go and search him on youtube. Ciao!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"TV trivia..."

I think I exploded the telephone bills tonight.

TV trivia is a great way to make money but at the same it’s utterly stupid. The questions are super easy and all you need to do is send a text message via your mobile phone or call in their fixed line. But, only every 100th respondent (eg: 100th, 200th, 300th and so on) will be selected to play the game. 100th respondent means the 100th participant that send their SMS or call in via IVR (fixed line calls). If you are not the 100th respondent, you will not be able to participate in that game. And if you are the 100th respondent you will receive 1 qualifying question. The fastest and the most accurate answer given by the respondent will be eligible to answer on air.

The money that they offered is good (up to 1k), the questions are fucking easy but to win the prize, I have to keep on calling them and become the 100th respondent, answer a stupid qualifying question and if I got it right, I’m eligible to answer the real question on air. One call is 2 bucks and yes, you will still have to pay 2 bucks for participating in the contest even if you are not the 100th respondent. So how many times did I try to call those assholes? Fucking 30 times and that’s 60 bucks.

But, the participants are smart ass. You see, each question has a timer (say 15 minutes) and at the end of the last minute or when the timer goes off, the participants will call in and the host of the show will answer to you even though you’re not the 100th respondent. And if your brain is not the size of a peanut, you’ll be able to answer a simple puzzle in 2 seconds and the prize will be yours.

The question would be something like this, which actor is now the Governor of California?

a) Clint Eastwood
b) Arnold Schwarzenegger
c) Keanu Reeves

Stupid? Hell yeah! That fucking TV station is making loads of money out of us. And they said no hidden charges and no tricks. My fucking foot!

Anyway, I’m still trying to fix this stupid template. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it. Goodnight people, :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Believe In God..."

Believe In God
As pain fills my heart I want to cry
I fall on my knees and ask the Lord why
How can a body go through so much?
Not loose faith or come out untouched
Gone is the active life I once knew
Now trapped in a body battered and bruised
In the blink of an eye all can change
Leaving my life with nothing the same
Now I depend on God as my friend
For only he can help my body to mend
With out his guidance and his love
With all the prayers I sent above
I would not see another day
For God is the one keeping me safe

I'm planning to have this beautiful poem ink on my body next week. I do believe in God but I'm not a good Catholic. There are times in my life that I've questioned myself whether or not there’s a God out there, putting him aside and ignoring his teachings. Sometimes I unleashed my anger on Him but what has He done? I blamed Him when something’s wrong, I hurt him deeply every time I lie, I skipped church to hang out with my friends but up there in Heaven, He is still giving me chance to repent so that I won’t go to hell if I die tomorrow. I find it hard to be the good guy when there’re a lot of assholes around me and it’s not always I felt His presence beside me during my hard times but I just hope that God will remember and welcome me into His house when I leave this world.

Monday, July 24, 2006

"very angry..."

I couldn’t tolerate with his idiotic ignorance anymore. He’s fucking inconsiderate, incredibly annoying and super uncivilized adult with the brain of a 10 year old kid. I’m sick of telling him like a kid to always fucking lock the gate, refill the damned empty ice cubes tray and shit. People asked me to be patient. Patient my ass! They don’t even fucking know the situation. He gets really pissed off if people tell him something, but does he cares about other people? Hell no! Tonight, I asked him why he always leaves the ice cube tray empty, and he purposely told me to shut the hell up. Damn, if I could only show you guys the level of my boiling points that time. Screw him. I took the car key, went inside the car, drove a bit far from the house and there I was, screaming my lungs out like a lunatic alone in the car. “YOU FUCKING SHITTTTTTTTTT!!!!”, plus with other vulgar words that I can’t even describe. I was so mad that I could piss on someone else’s head. I remember someone told me before, that if I’ve ever get mad, I should listen to Daniel Pouter’s Bad Day. What the hell? That song even pisses me off. I have nothing fun to blog about tonight except for this and the next one that I just discovered. I do like if people drop by at my blog and post a comment. I don’t mind either if they don’t but knowing how they would found about my blog is quite interesting. Sometimes they googled “third child” (maybe seeking for a source bout having a third baby) and “smoking cigarette” which led them to my blog. And today someone visited my blog that has nothing to do with what he was looking for. I think that guy is sick.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"sometimes I don't really know what they want..."

Am I a creature who’s supposed to clean someone else’s shit? Am I a doll so that you can have all that pleasure? Oh, Alban do this, Alban do that, Alban can you help me with my homework, Alban can you drive me to this place, Alban lend me a five bucks, Alban my boyfriend’s out of town come to my house. Screw you people! These…these hands of mine are yearning to shove a chainsaw up their pathetic asses!

I’m trying my hard to please everyone’s heart, I’m doing my best to love everyone, being polite, being helpful, being generous and all but in the end they got the wrong ideas about me. Every time something’s bad happened to me, I try to avoid it because I do not want shit to be anymore harder. She thought that I was having a “weird feeling” towards her when all I did was being nice and not talking that much. Seriously, I don’t get her. How on earth not talking too much makes someone to be madly in love?

I’ve a problem saying no to certain women. I don’t know why, maybe because they’re too tempting. Sometimes, after few conversations, they spotted my weakness and use it to take advantage on me. They use sexual body language, killer eye-contact and mind control like they’re some kind of Jedi knights. How can I say no to that? Recently, an old school mate of mine managed to get my mobile number. Yes, I was happy that I finally got to talked to her after all these years. She was my best mate back in high school. We talk and chat over the internet for quite some times. I was pretty surprised that she could talk for hours without getting tired. Well things got a bit different afterwards when she asked me when am I going to ask her out on a date.

“Yeah sure, I’ll bring you out when you reach here..ok”

“Great! It’s on you okay…”

What the hell? When she said something like that, clearly all she wanted was money and someone who can buy her stuffs. I was a bit worried that I’ll end up with a woman whose eyes are only for the money. But on second thought, things might be different. She kept on sending me messages, calling me at freaking 6 in the morning, yadidadida….until recently when she confessed to me on something that I would never thought of. She’s a freaking amphetamine addict. Well, maybe that’s the explanation why she could talk for hours. I’m totally cool with her when she told me that, in fact I don’t really mind at all. That’s her business and not mine. When someone tells you something like that, it means that the person want to come clean before starting a relationship with you without you finding it out later on in the middle of the relationship. Sadly, that wasn’t in her mind at all. She was actually trying to offer me one and wanted me to buy some for her. Bloody bitch. Ever since that, I stop answering her calls but that doesn’t stop her from sending me messages. She’s coming back and wanted to see me at the end of this month. I got 2 weeks to think of something. What is it gonna be? Sex and leave? Or avoid her?